Ornament Review Round Two

In my dining room, I have a gold tree that I spray painted last year {you can read more about that experience, and the why, here} and decorate with white, gold, and silver ornaments. Also kind of known as my "marriage" tree, I have a lot of "M" ornaments, our engagement ornaments, and now first Christmas ornaments on display!

These gold mirrored personalized pet ornaments from Moon & Lola are my absolute favorite new additions. I gave them as gifts to a bunch of people for Christmas last year, and am doing it again this year! Almost everyone has a pet that they love, and you can pick from a variety of dog breeds, gold or silver, and script or block font to make it perfect for each person on your gift list. 

I spotted this Mud Pie "First Christmas" ornament at Walker Boutique a few months ago and had to buy it! Besides coordinating perfectly with my tree, it also coordinates with a lot of the look from our wedding and serves as a great token from the year. This is the perfect gift for the newlyweds on your list!

My mom gave me this ornament as a birthday gift because as she said, it's the most perfect shoe for me! 

One of my sweet Phi Mu friends spotted two boxes of Shiny Brites in a store last Christmas that were all silver and gold and graciously thought of me! I'm so glad to have such a classic addition to my themed tree. 

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  1. Your tree is absolute perfection ❤️ I love how meanifuk the ornaments are to you! That's my ideal Christmas tree!!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

    1. Thank you!! I love the stories behind all the ornaments. It makes putting up the trees each year much less of a "chore" to be able to walk back down memory lane.

  2. Beautiful! How do you attach a clear cord to the inside of a window for a "hidden" shape? I just pushed in the window trim with the window nails. Use vertical space, add decorations a little more wisely, and create mobile widgets. I hope these Christmas decorating ideas help me as I decorate my home.
    personalized pet ornaments


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