2017 Girly Gift Guide

September 28, 2017: The first request for the birthday/Christmas list for the year. At that very moment, I couldn't think of anything I wanted and I was just two days away from birthday month! So I spent a few days trying to curate my annual list for the fam to help guide through the upcoming holiday season. Then I realized, I might be a grown up if I really want nice slippers for my birthday, and I can only think of house stuff and Christmas decor I'd like for my Christmas presents. So this truly is an "almost 26-year-old's birthday gift guide" through and through.

A few thoughts on the list: I love Will & Grace, and am so glad they're back! Last year, my grandmother sent me the first couple of seasons, so I'd love to finish out my collection of the original series. I love popping in a DVD before bed since I don't have a DVR in the bedroom; it's downstairs where I have almost 200 episodes of W&G recorded! Shoes are always a great gift for me because I really don't buy shoes for myself that often. I'm more of a clothes girl. I wear a size 8, and my monogram for the boots {and necklace!} are now pMd.

Speaking of monograms, you may have noticed a theme. The longer I'm married, the more monogrammed stuff I really want! This necklace is the "blogger monogram" that you've seen all over Instagram. I bought an acrylic one from Marley Lilly during a flash sale as somewhat of a trial run, and loved it until it cracked down the thin part of the M. So I definitely want a "real" one now. I'd love the gold tone XL necklace specifically!

A new watch has been a staple on my gift lists the last few years, and I truly feel like it's time for a change. I've had my watch that I wear daily since my first year of college, and it's starting to look a little worn but has served me well. I'm not normally a Juicy fan, but I love the gold, mother of pearl, and tiniest hint of pink!

These Charleston Rice Beads are probably going to be my go-to girlfriend gift this year because they come in so many colors! I'd like one of each of the metal colors like in the graphic below--they can be worn together or with other pieces, which I love. Speaking of girlfriend gifts, this precious pink portable Bluetooth speaker will definitely be this year's stocking stuffer and quick gift for gals. Y'all, it's so cute and tiny, has a 15 hour playback time, over 60 foot Bluetooth range, and is such a great price! It comes in black, gold, and silver, making it a great gift for anyone on your list.

One other thing that's a portable present: the wristlet wallet. I have been carrying my Michael Kors Jet Set Tote all summer and love it! The perfect brown leather tote with great pockets, durable straps, and isn't too heavy. But sometimes you just want to grab your wallet and run into the store. While my $10 sparkle wallet from TJ Maxx gets a ton of compliments, I find my self dangerously sitting it down more and more frequently--scary! I need the strap to keep my wallet on my wrist, and I love all the card slots, and the zipper pockets for cash and coins. I'm betting I could also zip up a lip gloss or two in there as well. The "acorn" color will match my purse perfectly, and can often be found on sale for less than $100.

So there we go! Birthday/Christmas list for 2017 is complete, and with 15 days to go. I'm sure I'll need to figure out a couples gift list which is so fun, and I'm contemplating a major Christmas decor overhaul this year too which might require a list of it's own. What are some of your favorite gifts to give for birthdays?

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