Front Door Before & After

Who doesn't love a red front door, right? I love them, but I just wasn't sure that it was me. I really struggled all spring and summer figuring out what I could put on and around the door other than our white "M" door hanger. I love pinks {surprise, surprise} and just felt so limited by the red door. I know it can be done, but again, it just didn't quite fit.

I went to Sherwin Williams earlier in the summer and picked from three almost identical colors, landing on "Cay." I waited until a few weeks ago to actually paint the door due to the intense South Georgia humidity. The helpful associate at SW encouraged me to use a multi-surface primer to cover the red, and their front door specific paint for the color. It's a semi-gloss that works on a variety of surfaces like wood and metal. The red on the door previously was a more matte color that always looked a little dingy and was hard to clean--I like a semi-gloss because it really pops and is much easier to wipe down. 

Ta da! Blue door! The first few days, I was really unsure how I felt about it. The door was a lot brighter than how it looked on the paint chip, but isn't that how it always is? I painted a week or two before it was really time to decorate for fall, so it felt a little "naked" if that makes sense. Once I began creating the fall scene surrounding the new pop of color, I began to love it! The blue works so well with the fall colors {more to come this week!} of our decor, and is just so fresh and new. I do honestly hope it fades a little, and I may whitewash it a bit for a slightly more muted color at some point. I'm also looking forward to documenting how the color works with Christmas and other holiday decor, but especially in the spring with all the pinks and greens! 

What do you think? Do you have a "better blue" color suggestion?

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    1. Thank you! Can't wait for you to see it "fur reelz."

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  4. AnonymousMay 17, 2022

    What color is the Blue door?


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