Sip & See Shopping Spree

Last night, I hosted a "shop my closet" event with a few friends. My mom actually came up with this brilliant idea, and it gave me the opportunity to get rid of a few things that I didn't love any more but others would!

Setting up an event like this is easy: clean out your closet {I did the take everything out and look at each piece one by one. Only put back the ones that you absolutely love/fit you/are in good condition/etc.}, invite your friends to do the same, grab some goodies, and pick a date! I borrowed a giant retail clothing rack from a friend, CJM helped organize all the non-hanging items, and I displayed some pretty goodies on the dining room table. It was so nice to be able to use a lot of my wedding gifts for the first time!

I used Canva to design my electronic invitation {it's also a great place to design blog graphics, too!} and blasted it on Facebook. I picked up a few napkins that coordinated with the pineapple summer-y theme of the invitation, and of course lots of pink treats! 

Have you ever hosted a "shop my closet" event? What made it successful for you?