How to Cut the Cable Cord

Let me start off by saying two things. 1. I'm addicted to trashy TV. Real Housewives, Teen Mom, Marriage Boot Camp, etc. Maybe I'm more addicted to reality TV, because I love AGT, the Bachelorette, and any/every food show, too. 2. I love to save money. I love coupons, cutting financial corners, and basically anything that makes me feel like I'm getting a deal. Which sometimes makes shopping for clothes {and cars!} a little bit challenging.

When I graduated from college and moved to the Atlanta suburbs, one of my monthly bills was a $125 {first year deal! ugh.} cable/internet package. I moved back to Statesboro literally one year to the day of the contract starting, so I never actually experienced the price increase. A high bill, plus the rather disappointing South Georgia cable and TV offerings pushed me over the edge: I cut the cable cord.

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For a few months, I survived solely on Internet, Netflix, and an antenna in my attic to get local Savannah stations but when I moved across town, the antenna option just really didn't work for the new house. I added Hulu to the mix and knew the combo was almost meeting my TV needs, but I identified one major hole: Bravo. I had no Real Housewives. At least not in a timely, and visually pleasing manner.

This week, I decided to take advantage of a one week free SlingTV offer. I've heard of SlingTV a lot of the last year or so, but it was never quite right. Lately, they've updated their offerings to two basic packages at $20 and $25, with handful of "themed" add on packages for $5 or so. Lucky for me, Bravo is included in the $25 SlingBlue package.

I downloaded the app on my Amazon Fire {I have the stick in my bedroom, and the box in the living room through which I stream Hulu & Netflix, too} and have been so impressed! You can watch the channels in real time, there is a guide of what's coming up and when, and there are on demand offerings, too! I was able to watch RHOC when it actually came on Monday night, and caught up with RHONJ on Wednesday. CJM and I have enjoyed starting Season 2 of UnReal on SlingTV, after watching the first season on Hulu a few weeks ago {in like one day. Go watch it.}.

The loading speed is good, and the picture quality is very high. There are a few maneuvering things I wish the remote and the program would respond to differently, but overall, I absolutely love it. I'm able to watch what I want to watch without limitations such as available the day after it airs, and can even catch up on some local and national news. For roughly $45 a month, I've got all that I need for TV. Depending on your preferences, Hulu + SlingTV or Netflix + SlingTV may work just fine. I like having all three, because I feel like they each offer different things. I just love having the ability to control how much I'm paying and for what.

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  1. Cutting cable is all about choice and if you do it right, you'll never miss that old cable box.


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