Marrying McAfee | Family

All Photos by Ari Merritt Photography
After our wedding ceremony, we waited for guests to clear the courtyard so that we could take our immediate family and full bridal party portraits. I'm incredibly thankful to have all of these pictures of our families, and those so very special to us. Our bridal party has become like our extended family as well! We also took special pictures with Christopher's grandfather who married us, and our sweet friend Emily who gifted us with her beautiful voice during the ceremony.

These pictures are going to make excellent Christmas gifts for our families this year! 

My mother's side of the family 

My father's side of the family 

Christopher's mother's side of the family 

Christopher's sister & husband; my matron of honor

The Reese Family 

Beautiful Emily, our singer. Read about her wedding here

Our wonderful bridal party! Not pictured is Christopher's best man Elijah, who was deployed overseas.

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  1. Gorgeous photos- I especially love that black & white one. And your wedding backdrop... stunning!

    xo, Kristina
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