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It's no secret that I've been saying I'm trying to get back into reading regularly for years now. College sapped any desire to read a book for fun, and now three years later, I'm still struggling to get my groove back. I think I've finished maybe one book in three years that I loved? Others I've started, and just put down or forgotten about. There have even been a few that I bought and never even began! It's so annoying to me as someone who used to literally read all. the. time., and even got in trouble for reading when I wasn't supposed to!

I love a good biography, and have had this Elizabeth Taylor biography on my shelf for years. It's not the most well-written book, but it's pretty intriguing. I'm about halfway done with it, and as someone who knows relatively little about this leading lady, it was a good place to start and definitely is encouraging to read more about her.

Last weekend I finished "American Babe" the third installment in the White Girl Problems series. Hilarious, although a bit racy at times, these books laugh out loud. This book was short and sweet, and a perfect end of summer read. If you've not read the original White Girl Problems book, get on it!

These are a few articles I've found in and around the interwebs, mostly Facebook and Pinterest. My friends are great about sharing finds with me, and I appreciate that these are shorter but extremely informative little 'books.'

{Now I never want to go to the West Coast!}

Happy Weekend! 

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