Inspiration to Change

I'm pretty excited about how this year is turning out so far. It's not been easy, but the changes I so desperately needed are happening. My relationships are improving, as is my health, and I credit it all to God and putting my "the desires of {my} heart" in his hands {Psalm 37:4}. I wanted to take a moment to share a few sources of inspiration that are helping me on this journey. My family has started attending Newspring Church in Anderson, S.C., and while I'm not there most Sundays, I've really been enjoying the podcasts of Newspring's pastor Perry Coble.

They're currently working through a sermon series about change on Sundays, and this week they have been posting daily vlogs about "5 Days to Change". These are great little three and four minute videos that really get you thinking and your day started off right. Another great resource is "Journey to Change: A 21 Day Bible Study" that follows 21 different people who had interactions with Jesus.

This series and church have me really excited about my faith, and I hope these resources will inspire you to make changes in 2014 too!

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