The Great Debate

I am at a crossroads in my life. One, that when presented with the idea originally, many years ago, there were but a limited number of choices. Now, there are many more. And some of them...are sparkly!

Help me! I don't know which pair of Jack Rogers to order for this year! My original beloved pair {the ones I got engaged in, rushed in, shopped in, beached in} began losing the heel pads over the past few summers. Then in September, the entire rubber heel fell off the right shoe. So I gave them a good memorial remembering our great times over the past three years and tossed them, vowing to replace in the spring.

Well now that the time has come, and I am distraught. There are too many options. I need another platinum pair, as they are basically my summer staple, but do I go with the originals again? Or do I take it a step further with some sequins for texture and bling? Or go all the way with full-on glitter sparkle to make a statement: bling Bling?

Let me know what you would do!

Option #1
Hamptons Navajo, $110
The Original. Goes with everything. 

Option #2
Sequins Navajo, $138
A little bit of bling, and some nice texture detail. 

Option #3
Sparkle Glitter Navajo, $138. 
Bling, Bling. 'Nuff said. 

Why can't I just have them all?!

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