Bucket List Recap

It really feels like summer is over. I'm definitely looking forward to upcoming fun fall weekends, and cooler weather of course, but I know that when Christopher starts school again in two weeks it's all over. I've got two really big work weeks coming up as well which are making me focus on a different sort of "To Do" list. 

As a sort of goodbye to summer, last night Christopher and I went and ate at Tequila's in Savannah, and walked down to Leopold's Ice Cream. It was hot and humid, but the streets of Savannah were quiet, and it was a good time for the two of us to reflect on such a fun season together. That got me thinking about my Summer 2014 Bucket List...

First off, don't 'they' say that it's the most creative types that can never finish anything? Then that must be me. I didn't finish me list {not even close} and the few projects within the list that I started are definitely not finished. Oops! So here's where I stand, and what's up ahead. 

  1. Weekend Getaway to Charleston--nope. After moving at the beginning of summer, that became my vacation. Next...
  2. Vanity for bedroom--CHECK-ish! And it's moved, twice. I've attempted to recover it and failed miserably. So it's definitely a work in progress.
  3. Learn to play tennis--CHECK! I took a month of lessons in June, and Christopher and I have both gotten into it. We haven't played in a few weeks due to the heat, but it's on the schedule for this weekend.
  4. Throw a white party--maybe next summer. I do have a very promising Pinterest board dedicated to it though. 
  5. Build a sandcastle--okay, I honestly forgot about that one. 
  6. Watch the sunrise on Tybee--CHECK-ish! Do you know how early the sun comes up? While I couldn't make that happen, we did walk out on the pier one night under the full moon. How romantic!
  7. Unsubscribe from pointless emails--CHECK! This is a long process, that I'm diligently working on. I attempted to use the rolling unsubscribe me service, but it didn't seem to work. Maybe I'll try again. 
  8. Read--I read "The Fault in Our Stars." And I attempted to read Mary Kay Andrew's "Save the Date," but couldn't really get in to it. I still need to make reading a regular priority. 
  9. Watch all of FNL--nope. Not even close on that one. But I did watch all of Parks and Rec, and am working through Ghost Whisperer...
  10. Take the boat out--nope.
  11. Watch fireworks with my love--CHECK! We were able to do that at First Friday in Savannah in August. Can't wait to do that again soon. 
  12. Go to Six Flags--CHECK!
  13. Late Night Milkshakes--CHECK! Of course...that was easy. We've become regulars at the DQ this summer.
  14. Get organized--always a work in progress! My new house is in pretty good shape, although the front bedroom aka my staging area, is a disaster. But at least I keep it contained, right?
I guess I didn't really do too bad. There's no shame in being overly ambitious for sure! What did you do this summer, or wish you had done? 

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