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Back in high school under the guidance of an extremely talented cheer leading coach, I became quite the little thrifter. There were a couple of really great places besides your typical Goodwill that I would frequent and I always found unique items at great prices. I even added the traditional retail challenge, Ross Dress for Less, into my thrifting rounds since their pieces are at discounted prices but you must have time and patience to find something worth having there too.

I've decided I need to take thrifting back up as a weekly habit, and take advantage of the money saved by shopping this way. I love clothes, and I love new things but it can be very draining! And it's not fun to just not buy anything. So I feel like thrift shopping is a compromise. Now I'm pretty picky, and I pretty much only buy dresses/skirts/pants/tops/outerwear, but Statesboro has some excellent discount thrift and consignment shops. One of the largest, Deja Vu, is unfortunately closed right now due to a fire next door, but down the street is Madame Couture's {which has new and used}, and the Goodwill in town is pretty good too!

This weekend, I visited the Goodwill on Wilmington Island in Savannah. I had heard good things from there, and was able to find two cute dresses that will be great for fall/winter. Christopher got two golf polos from the Wilmington Island Country Club that looked like they had never been worn! For me, I have to have an idea of what I want when I go thrifting, especially to make sure that I don't buy something that I really don't want and will never wear. Lately, I've been trying to bulk up my fall wardrobe with pieces that I can wear to work and out and about. Here are some of the inspirational Pinterest pics I've been using, and the pieces I'm looking for:

Longer vintage midi skirts for cooler weather,
and solid button down shirts that can
go with anything.

Solid color sweaters for layering,
or fitted sweatshirts to add embelishments

Unique blazers to spice up basics,
as well as one of a kind statement tops to
pair with black pants or skinny jeans.

I can't wait to shop at Clothes Mentor in Savannah on my next weekend trip. My friend Ashton also has great luck with thrifty re-sell accounts on Instagram. What are some of your best thrift tips? And what pieces do you look for?

*All pictures via Pinterest. None are my own. 

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  1. Girl, you know I'm a fan of the thrift stores. :) The thrift stores in Atlanta are hit and miss because so many TV shows and movies are filmed here.. The set designers clean out the thrift stores! Can't wait to hear about your experience with Clothes Mentor! I've heard great things.

    1. I know we've talked about the GW on the islands, but I went to the newly renovated store last night and scored a Lilly skirt for $4!!!! I got two great cable knit sweaters, and two books...everything for $11. Such a steal!

  2. Oh and your set budget was a motivator too! lol


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