It's Never Enough

It begins earlier and earlier, every year. I honestly don't understand why this happens. I feel like I'm a pretty up-front and honest kind of person. I've got my quirks, my likes and dislikes, but I feel like I'm probably a pretty easy read. Apparently not. 

The Christmas Power Point has already been requested. It is September {in case you were wondering}, and I've already received multiple requests for the birthday/Christmas gift list. It really is so unfair...don't you people know all the good things come out between my birthday and Christmas? Either way, I will dutifully try my best to formulate a place to start. Thanks to Pinterest, it's a little bit easier to begin hoarding ideas months in advance.

So we shall begin, with this tentative list of goodies I've been eyeing for quite some time. This list is subject to change at any moment. All changes will be documented. Okay, let's go:

These highly sought after Ray Bans from Urban Outfitters
Often out of stock, but can be found here.  $140

Mirrored coffee table from Target. $160

Georgia Southern Sweatshirt
from Walker Boutique. $50

Quatrefoil mirror from Target. $25

Work appropriate rain boots, like these from Hunter. $210

Roku Streaming Stick, around $40.
I have a Roku, but need one more for the other TV. 

And also, I'd like a new vacuum. How does one even choose that? I literally have no idea.

What's on your Christmas/birthday/everyday list? And what should I add? 

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  1. LOL- I started my Pinterest board "Christmas Wish List" after I read about the infamous powerpoint! Love it! :)

  2. Check out my Pinterest board "Under the Tree" - I literally direct everyone there because I cannot even begin to remember what I want or make a solid list at multiple price points! BTW love those sunnies!!!

    1. Now that Christopher is on Pinterest, I'm hoping that will work in my favor...I keep pinning Kate Spade jewels just in case!


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