I'm Feeling...23

Perfect birthday flowers
from my mother!
Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. It was a really fun and exciting day, which makes this week even better. I'm looking forward to having Friday off, and being able to go spend the long weekend with my family in South Carolina.
     I woke up to a ton of sweet text messages, Facebook wishes, and Instagram posts from so many thoughtful friends and family members. When I got to work, I was in for a big surprise. A birthday sign greeted me at the door, with two pink balloons attached to it. My wonderful co-workers had taken time over the weekend to decorate my office with pink and green balloons, a "Happy Birthday" banner, tinsel, and confetti. They also picked out the most wonderful gifts for me--Kate Spade earrings I've been wanting for forever, and a beautiful pearl necklace that will definitely be a longtime wardrobe staple. We enjoyed our traditional Groucho's Deli birthday lunch together before closing up shop early for the fair parade.

While at Georgia Southern, I would always go to the fair on my birthday to celebrate with my friends. I was thrilled to continue the tradition this year with Niki and Kirstie. We had funnel cake {the best kind of birthday cake right?}, blue cotton candy, and boiled peanuts before riding the Ferris Wheel, the Scrambler, and a flying ride. I really enjoyed the petting zoo, too. I had never ventured into that part of the fair before, and was surprised to see camels, zebras, tiny ponies, monkeys, and more! Probably the best part of the fair is the people watching...I may have to go back for round two later this week!
Can you find the Queen Bee? I did!

The very sleepy zebra. 

Pigs in a bowl! 

The Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair
Thank you to all who made my birthday special, especially my mom, best friends, and co-workers!

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  1. Loving those sweet gifts from your Chamber friends! I received a pair of Kate Spade earrings from my grandlittle for graduation and I wear them all the time. Such a perfect gift for you! I hope you had the best birthday - you absolutely deserve it.

    1. Yay! Your comment worked! Thank you dear--I think both jewelry pieces will be frequently worn. I need more Kate Spade dangles now!


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