Steals and Deals

This past weekend, the Statesboro Service League hosted their 41st Annual Attic Sale at the Kiawanis Fairgrounds. I have heard about this event during my time in Statesboro, but never had a chance to go until this year. I am so glad I went!

Christopher and I got in line about 20 minutes before 7 a.m., but people had been there since 4:30 a.m. That's too early for me. It worked out in my favor though because I hit the jackpot. Going in, I was searching for a vacuum to last me until we get married, and possibly a chair to replace the one I started painting and never finished {miserable project. Very messy.}.

In addition to a $10 vacuum that works way better than my very tired old one, we got two golf bags for Christopher for $24, and two awesome retro chairs for $15 a piece! Such good deals...and how cool are these chairs?! And they swivel. I'm pretty pleased with how my living room is turning out, and I'm finally getting some inspiration for some finishing touches that I can't wait to show off soon.

P.S. Like my wreath? Go Eagles!

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