What to Buy the Boys

I've always found it a little difficult to buy for the men in my life. It's made even more difficult by being engaged to someone who has more clothes, shoes, etc. than I do. My "fancee" says I am a great gift buyer, but I don't always feel like I am--especially for him! I want to get him something useful, not just some silly novelty items. I do tend to find some quick and easy gifts in the specialty Target sections leading up to Christmas, but if you need to give a gift before then, you might get stuck.

 I know some of my girlfriends also have this issue, so I thought I would blog today about some easy go-to 'guy gifts' that can be used for birthdays or Christmas {it is only 57 days away...}:

Shaving Club
via www.dollarshaveclub.com
First of all, go to the website and watch the video. It's hilarious. Secondly, just go ahead and order the $9/mo set for yourself. In my opinion, the more blades the better. The 'fancee' has gotten really interested in the straight razor business as of late, and luckily there is a cool specialty shop in Savannah that has tons of gadgets and creams that entertain him for hours. But I'm guessing there are times when a normal razor may do the job quicker. Either way, this is the gift that keeps on giving all year long! You get a handle and blades sent the first month, and then {4} new blades each month. How easy! Seriously, I may need this for myself, as I always forget to buy razors before I need them.

Wallet/Phone Case Combo Leather
via Etsy
Does your significant other routinely lose their wallet, keys, phone, etc.? While mine never does, {*rolls eyes*} this wallet/iPhone combo seems super convenient. The cards only model {shown} comes in right at $100, but a fold-over traditional wallet with an enclosed money section is only $50 more.

The Southerner's Handbook: A Guide to Living the Good Life 
via Amazon
The title says it all. A compilation of basically "how to be a good southerner" from the fabulous editors of one of my favorite publications, Garden & Gun. This book is a great gift for any southerner, males and females alike.

University Decanter
via One Stop Fan Shop
If your man friend enjoys the finer things in life, he will really get a kick out of this item. University-specific decanters. Who wouldn't want to show up to a tailgate with this thing? It's pretty classy looking in you ask me, probably along the lines of "University Decanter. It's a #TFM."

Dress Socks
via Nordstrom
This may seem like a silly item, but it's a great stocking stuffer. Most guys I know only wear the no-show black sports socks, even though they're meticulous about their bow-ties, blazers, and every other detail. Dress socks are easy to find, in a wide array of colors and prices, and according to Nordstrom's extensive sock page, "Tradition dictates that over-the-calf socks should match the color of your trousers. If you want to go modern, choose patterned or bold-colored socks that complement your shirt or tie." Have fun with this one!

Nick Offerman Stuff

via The Offerman Shop
Does your beloved obsess about the show Parks & Rec, beards, and being a man? If so, The Offerman Shop is your one stop shop for gifts. Get an autographed book, hand crafted meat paddle or mustache comb...even an end table. This stuff is really too cool, as is Nick Offerman's personal story. {And you know he's married to Karen from Will & Grace, right? So...win-win for you and the boy.}

What do you like to get for your guy?

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