A Very Eagle-y Christmas

Deer salt and pepper
shakers make great mantle
Two weeks ago, Georgia Southern won the Sunbelt Conference Championship as a first year FBS participant. While we're {unfairly} bowl-ineligible, the spirit is still pretty high around town with most people agreeing that this is the best Christmas gift we could have received! The game against University of Louisiana--Monroe was great, but unfortunately I totally forgot I even had a camera until after the end, and my phone died in the first quarter. As it turns out, I'm not a great historian.

This weekend, Christopher decided he wanted a Christmas tree, and a Georgia Southern tree at that. "Awesome!", I thought. So we headed to Wal-Mart to pick out a nice, green, artificial tree. Did I mention green? There were not a whole lot of fake trees left, but he finally found one unopened one that didn't look like it had been returned. A nice, 6.5 foot pre-lit Madison Pine. We picked out some gold garland and matching bow for the top, and boxes of blue and silver ornaments.
Very Georgia Southern-y.

After checking out, and hauling it all up the three flights of stairs to his apartment...what to my wondering eyes should appear but a...black Christmas tree. Yes, a black Christmas tree. We were so confused. Nowhere on the box did it say it was black. All it said was that it was a Madison Pine. I had no clue that Madison Pines were black, and apparently neither did the other shoppers who ended up returning theirs and clearing out the store of green artificial trees. We debated on returning it, but thought we would try it out, and it actually turned really cool!

A tree like that definitely needs to be a themed tree, and since it's a house of boys, I think the black kind of works. What do you think?

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