Warm Hands, Warm Hearts

Confession: I've had my tree up since the week before Thanksgiving. I love Christmas! And I like to put my tree and decorations up early because I am so busy and travel a lot that if I waited until a normal time, I don't feel like I'd be able to enjoy it all. 

Christmas decorating is kind of always a work in progress situation, as I'm finding new ornaments for my house a tree. I think I'm kind of done for the year...that is, until December 26th when it all goes on sale and I can stock up for next year! 

I hope you enjoy these pictures of my sweet little cottage-y home at Christmas...I'll post pictures of my fabulous front porch soon! 

 Glittery pine cones and bottle brush trees, and snow-topped pine cone S&P shakers. 

My quick version of a stocking hanger!

Bulloch County Courthouse ornament!
I won this ornament at the Phi Mu Alumni
Christmas party--isn't it stunning?
One of my pretty Christmas gifts from the bestie last year.
I love how it catches the light.
Bringing Christmas into my bedroom
with my favorite vintage ceramic tree!
I'm obsessed with this year's wrapping paper--all that glitters, is gold and silver!

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