Christmas Haul

I hope everyone had a very, merry Christmas last week! I enjoyed spending a few days with my mother and family in South Carolina, and a nice quiet weekend settling in back in with all of my new "loot." I was so blessed this year with so many interesting and thoughtful gifts that I wanted to share just a few of my favorites with you.

Thank you, Grandma Claus! I love my new mirrored coffee table. It really brightens up the room, and makes it looks so glam and beautiful! Also, Layla's ball doesn't get stuck under it a zillion times a day like the previous ottoman that was there, so that's a definite plus.

My mother has been using the Younique brand mascara for a few months now. I could definitely see a difference but hadn't tried it for myself until I found this in my stocking. Wowza! I have always had super long lashes, but now they are stunning. I have only been putting it on the top lashes because they get so long and think with just one coat of the fibers. I'm going to definitely do a before/after mini-tutorial soon, because the results are absolutely astounding! Younique is sold by individuals {kind of like Avon}, so look for a supplier in your area, or sign up yourself because it's really such a cool product. 

Da da da da! It's....Might Purse! Literally the coolest wristlet ever. This cute, genuine leather {so soft!} wristlet charges your smartphone--up to four full times! How wonderful! My iPhone is always going dead, mostly because I charge it on my iPad charger, but still. This is little bag fits perfectly in my purse without adding much weight or taking up too much space. It has slots for a few ID/credit cards, room for your phone obviously, and keys, so this will definitely be my new go-to bag for nights out on the town. Now there's no worry that I won't get the perfect picture to Instagram because of a dead phone! Look for the Mighty Purse at boutiques near you.

Christopher's very first gifts to me three Christmas' ago were a cow Pillow Pet, and clip in feather hair pieces {a joke. I did not actually wear them. But I do love the cow!}, so it only seems fitting that he got me another great As-Seen-On-TV gift. The Spicy Shelf! I saw this at Walmart and really thought it would be helpful. My cabinets have a lot of space but they're super tall, and I'm not. So my spices would get all jumbled together right at the front where I could reach them, and then I'd forget what I had hidden in the back because I couldn't see. Problem solved! I used only one of the two Spicy Shelves included in the box, and put the other one in my bathroom for fingernail polish.

I hope Santa was good to you, and that you were able to spend time with your loved ones too, remembering the true Reason for the Season!

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