August's Agenda

August is by no means my favorite time of year. It's hot, and school starts back so town gets too traffic-y again. But with school comes one of my favorite things--school supplies! There is something so exciting about new school supplies. In high school, every year I would make intricate binder decorations using scrapbook paper and pictures of my friends.

Now that I'm not in school, I have to be careful not to go crazy in the colorful aisles of pens and markers that I don't need. I'll always be a sucker for bright Post-Its and a new planner. Since I started college {five years ago now...craziness!} I've used a beautiful Lilly Pulitzer planner to organize my very busy life. Confession: last year I made a switch to a cute, gold polka dotted kate spade planner. Not for me.

This year's planner
I look forward each year to the new designs and the fun stickers included inside. This year, I was particularly anxious to pick mine out at Walker Boutique so that I could write in all the fun wedding-related activities coming up throughout the year. Finally, I'm able to use that wedding cake sticker! I really like the hard covers of these planners which make it easy to write in anywhere, and there is something about the thickness of the paper that makes my writing so much neater.

I save my planners year after year. This is helpful for work things, now that I'm in my second year at the Chamber, so I can reference back to things I was doing at this time last year. I have never been able to keep a diary, but I write down every event in my planner {and cross it off even if  I write it in after it has happened!}.  But it's also a special type of tracker for me. For the past almost four years, I've drawn a little heart next to each day I've spent with Christopher. Since we have almost always had a long-ish distance relationship, our days spent together are super special to me. I guess once we're married and living together, I'll have to stop drawing hearts, but for now it's a fun little thing that always makes me smile. 
These are a few of my favorite prints and dates in the upcoming year:
September 2015--The beach or a football game, please!
April 2016--Wedding month, and it just so happens
to be in my favorite Lilly print. 
Can't wait for this fun weekend!
May 2016--Seems appropriate for celebrating marriage and
going on a Mini-Moon before our honeymoon,
which will be after....
...Christopher's graduation in June 2016!
December 2016--Christmas, navy, and pink are my favorites.
Can't wait for our first "merry"ed Christmas!

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  1. Ok, you have just about sold me on a Lily Planner too. And, that school supplies addiction? It doesn't end. ;) What a wonderfully exciting year you have coming up! Enjoy every single moment. :)

    1. It's my fave ;) And all the pages are so pretty--makes me feel like I can accomplish more.

  2. Which pens do you use? I am always worried about them bleeding through to the other side!

    I looked at the Kate Spade planners and eventually went with Lilly - I'm so glad I did!

    1. I use the Pilot G2 colorful pens! I love the inky smoothness, and every event "theme" has a wedding stuff is pink, and the leadership class I facilitate for work is a light blue, etc. Most of my weekly stuff is just in black random pens I find in my purse/office!


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