Wedding Wednesday: Let Me Eat Cake!

Since we are getting married at a semi all-inclusive venue, there are very few large details to worry about. One of the most important though is the cake. I love cake. Always have--it's the best {*said in my best Nacho Libre voice*}. I just crave the cake texture sometimes.

The wedding cake is very important! It needs to work with the theme, but also be delicious. I honestly would be thrilled with a plain white Raspberry Elegance cake from Publix, because that is my absolute fave. Cakes have gotten very artsy in recent years with tons of shows on TV highlighting different skills and designs. But what cake would be best for the wedding?

These are a few of my favorite cakes found on Pinterest:

I love simple cakes. The gold polka dots make this cake
stand out just the right amount.

I prefer buttercream over fondant, and like the natural
look of this cake. Plus, the more flowers, the better!

This cake looks so elegant. I definitely want
my cake's color scheme to work with the overall
feel of the wedding. 

All the different textures and colors make this
one a stunner! 

A peony and glitter, what more do you need? 

I love this pink cake! A part of me wishes I had a
pink wedding dress, so maybe the cake should be pink instead

Of course, I love ugly cakes too. Need a daily dose of fun? Check out Cake Wrecks--I do, daily!
*all cake pictures via Pinterest 

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