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Sometimes it's really hard to figure out what to gift those who have everything. Or in my case, those that don't live nearby. It's harder for me to identify items they might love when I don't see them everyday. My solution to this is to gift local.

Working with local businesses through my job has showed me personally how important it is to shop locally. While I'll admit, I'm a sucker for the ease and convenience of online shopping when living in a small town, I love the interaction and familiarity of shopping small.

This year, I'm creating baskets of my local favorites for some friends and family who live far. This can be an easy hostess gift idea too! Here are a few Statesboro {and the surrounding areas} ideas that I enjoy:

Braswell's was something I had never heard about until I moved to Statesboro. Open since 1946, they're famous for their Red Pepper Jelly {served over cream cheese..yum!}and now their "I want some jelly, I want some jelly, baby!" game day theme song that you can hear each Saturday at Paulson Stadium. After a partnership with Paula Deen, and a recent Minions promotional item, Braswell's name recognition has really grown. My favorite flavor is Peach Butter, which is a tart change from Apple Butter, and is something that I really feel highlights Georgia, not just Statesboro. They have jams, jellies, ice cream toppings, steak sauces, marinades, and so much more to explore.


Dia's Clubhouse Greek Dressing & Marinade
If I remember correctly from 'town news', Dia's was the magical dressing served at an authentic Greek restaurant in town that closed a few years ago. They began producing the dressing/marinade, and you can now find it at The Clubhouse in Statesboro, or order it online. It is so good. I love Greek food, and a Greek salad is always my go-to. This marinade is really yummy on chicken, pork, and fish, too!

Dia's Clubhouse Greek 

Freeman's Mill Mixes
I actually took the current Leadership Bulloch class to tour this mill in October, which has one of the last remaining, working stone mills in the country. They make more than just grits; their lineup includes hush puppie mix, cornbread mix, and more! Many restaurants in Savannah actually use their mixes in their recipes, which is fun for the foodies.

Freeman's Mill

Local Ornaments  
I like giving ornaments to pretty much anyone. You can always find one that represents something they like, a recent event in their life, or one that is just beautiful. The Georgia Southern University bookstore keeps a large stock of GSU ornaments which can be fun to include. I actually ordered this one below from the artist's Etsy shop before realizing they also stock at the local store! But isn't it pretty?

The University Store

Savannah Sweets--Southern Pralines
Although not a Statesboro treat, pralines are a big hit, and the Savannah Sweets pralines can be found in Statesboro in many gift shops and are great to include in gift baskets.

Savannah Sweets Pralines

Seven Willows Soaps
Yum. Locally handmade soaps using all natural products. They're beautiful, smell amazing, and are a truly unique item. You can find that at the Farmer's Market in the spring and summer, select local retailers, and can order online, too. They have other products too, like candles, lotions, and lip balms.

Seven Willows Soaps

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