Weekend Recap: Game Day Getups

I just don't want to talk about it. Our last game, that is. Unfortunately the Eagles didn't pull a W for the last regular game of the season, but it was perfect weather for my oversized, golden cableknit sweater.

To be honest, I pick out almost all of my game day outfits for the whole season in August. That may seem weird, but I try to pick out my outfits on Sunday for the week ahead too, if possible. Here's a quick recap of the game day outfits I've loved this season, and where to get some of the pieces:

Crown & Ivy Spring 2015 dress 

Cheeky Bliss Statesboro dress 

Pixie pants in "gold miner" and gingham boyfriend popover from Old Navy
Navy vest from Entourage 

Dress & vest from Entourage

Dress from Entourage
Monogrammed crossbody purse from Marley Lilly

Cable knit sweater from Talbots, color 2014.
Similar in cream, here.
Sunnies similar, here

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