Phi Mu Forever

I joined Phi Mu Fraternity in the fall of 2010. I went through recruitment the week before starting my freshman year at Georgia Southern University and never looked back. Participating in recruitment wasn't even really a thought for me, it was something I knew I would do. My mother had been in a local sorority in college which eventually became the first Panhellenic chapter on Kennesaw State University's campus...a Phi Mu chapter, too. I knew that the organization provided her a home, a place to belong, and I grew up seeing her relationship with true, lifelong friends. There was no doubt that I wanted that, too.

Phi Mu brought me not only lifelong friends, sisters, and bridesmaids, but opportunities in the workforce and socially as an adult. I am an active member in our local alum chapter, and serve as the Financial Advisor to the Georgia Southern Phi Mu chapter, Kappa Mu, as well as the treasurer for the Kappa Mu House Corporation. When they say that Phi Mu is forever, it's totally true.

This Tuesday, the local chapter hosted a Founders' Day ceremony and dinner and invited the alumni chapter. It's one of my favorite events each year because I love seeing all the girls in their pink, and it's a good excuse for me to wear it too...not that I ever need an excuse!

The alumni chapter is made up of a great group of ladies from all walks of life. I love hearing their stories about how Phi Mu used to be, here and at the other schools they attended. It's like having my own grown up pledge class!

And of course, it's a convenient way to schedule the weekly dinner{s} with the bestie, too...

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