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My MOH knows whats up. My amazing bridesmaids, too. They've worked tirelessly to plan two fabulous events to celebrate our friendship and my upcoming marriage: a bridal shower in March and a bachelorette weekend the first weekend in April. 

Kirstie {my maid of honor}, worked to design some amazing party invitations for these events! She loved a few designs on a variety of sites, but ended up designing and printing everything through Vistaprint, which is actually where I got my Save the Date magnets and my wedding suite. We've both been so very pleased with the products we've received, and wanted to share them with you! {I'll be sharing a detailed post about my wedding suite in a few weeks.}

First up: the bachelorette invitation. I think that having a printed bachelorette invitation is extremely helpful when there is a large group of girls coming in from all different directions at varying times. By including the address on the front, it reduces the number of "Where is this place again?" texts in the GroupMe. 

Kirstie thoughtfully included a 'what to pack' list on the back for each day that we're there. It also gives everyone a basic idea of the weekend's schedule and what they can expect. I'm all about 'planned spontaneity' where I don't know exactly what is going on, but I know enough to still feel somewhat in control of my life! 

The girls are also planning a little lingerie shower one night, and Kirstie included these simple but oh so cute enclosure cards with all the details...even an event hashtag! It reads: Cotton pj's are all she's got, Let's shower Piper with something hot! 

Next up: the bridal shower invitation. This shower is going to be hosted by my wonderful bridesmaids here in Statesboro at the Phi Mu house. It was recently remodeled a few years ago, and is so beautiful inside; it's the perfect place to throw a pink party! The main invitation actually features two of my engagement pictures, which is such a thoughtful and personalized touch. 

Gold confetti business cards include monogram information for myself, my groom, and for us as a couple. While some local stores may keep this information on file if you register there, big chain stores do not. A monogram is an always welcomed touch in my opinion, and an informative enclosure helps the guests avoid guessing. 

A recipe card and a sweet poem round out the set. Christopher and I both love to be in the kitchen, and I am so looking forward to gathering beloved recipes from families and friends. The poem reads: Piper and Christopher will soon say "I do." They have love, but they need to eat, too! Cooking, baking, and stocking the bar; let's help boost their culinary repertoire. "Whisk the egg yolks, bake one hour..." Please bring your favorite recipe to Piper's bridal shower!

On the back is the registry and RSVP information. I have been so impressed with not only the amazing designs, but also the quality products from Vistaprint throughout the wedding planning process. And I'm also blown away by my wonderful 'maids and all their thoughtfulness and attention to details that have been so meaningful to me! There's no one I'd rather celebrate this time of my life with than these dolls!

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  1. Your friends put so much time and thought into these invites! I love all the detail, especially the what to pack and monogram guides!

    1. They did, they are too good to me! It's going to be a blast.

  2. Oh my gosh how much fun!! I have a shower in March and my bachelorette party in April too! This is such an exciting time, I hope you log every minute of it!!

    Carley @

  3. So super cute - also love the enclosure card in the Bachelorette invite. It gets the point across without being weird or graphic! haha Excited to check out more of your wedding posts :)


  4. They catered my wedding last month and they were amazing! Don't overlook these gorgeous wedding venues Chicago!! It's something you have to check out in person. My family and friends could not stop talking about how good the food was and how sweet the staff was!


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