Chalk Spray Paint Review | Before & After

First of all, I have absolutely loved my week and a half break in between jobs. I feel like I've been super productive, gotten more familiar with the lay of the land, and have just had a lot of fun.

Secondly, I love our house! It's beautiful, feels so much like home, and just inspires me. The fresh, bright light, clean new paint, and the open layout has made it my absolute favorite place to be.

One of my first projects to help bring everything together was painting some furniture for the master bedroom. We moved from having built-ins and three closets, to one amazing walk-in closet, and zero drawers! Luckily, I found some huge three drawer chests for a steal in Statesboro a few weeks ago, and we were able to inherit a large dresser from CJM's childhood.

As much as a I like the idea of projects and painting furniture, I also like instant results. Not the best combination, but when I saw chalk spray paint at Lowe's, I thought that this might be the perfect time to give it a try! My favorite thing about chalk paint is that it requires essentially no prep work. I painted some of my great grandmother's furniture almost four years ago with homemade chalk paint, and they still look amazing today {with the exception of a few chips from the many moves they've been through!}.

Lowe's has Valspar chalk spray paint. I chose the white color because our master bedroom is a pretty gray color, and our bedding has navy, gray, and white in it. I also love how clean and cheery the white pieces look! The Valspar spray paint covered the large chests extremely well. It was a very thick spray, and I never had any issues with any runs. Each chest required about a can and a half of chalk spray paint to cover. The only real downside about this product was that it was almost $10 a can, and when you're buying more than one can per piece, it gets a little pricey!

Before & After 

I started the dresser with the same product, but ended up running out. We don't have a Lowe's in our new town, so I ran to Home Depot {for my daily visit...#newhomeownerprobs} where they had a chalk spray paint of a different brand for about $4 less...score! Unfortunately, this white paint was a slightly different color, didn't cover quite as well, and ran really easily. I had to go over the Valspar spray painted drawers with the new color to make them match, which was fine, but had to re-spray along the sides and bottom multiple times to try and blend the running paint. Annoying!

Before & After

To finish the pieces off, I sprayed the hardware with a metallic silver paint. Easy, and looks great, especially with drawer pulls can get expensive quickly! I used Minwax Finishing Wax on all of the furniture to seal in the paint and prevent any color damage or water rings from cups. I've used this on all of my chalk paint products, and it really makes such a difference in the life and luster of the paint.

Once in the room, you can't tell that the colors are slightly different, and the pieces really bring the whole room together. We need to add one more chest in a corner by the closet because we have too many t-shirts, but then our bedroom will be ready for some real decorating.

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