St. Patrick's Day Home Decor

St. Patrick's Day is kind of a big deal here in Dublin.

I've heard this over and over again, but am finally getting to experience the festivities for myself. After Valentine's Day, I started thinking about switching out my decor, and even went ahead and put our mossy green "M" door hanger from our wedding on the front door. I also whipped out the precious St. Pats garden flag gifted to me at my holiday celebration themed bridal shower last year. But one day while driving around town, I realized that all of a sudden, everyone had green bows on their mailboxes. And light posts. And columns. Green bows were everywhere!

Even though it wasn't March, the town was essentially out of green ribbon that wasn't just solid green, so I had to make a trip of Hobby Lobby in Statesboro for something a little unique. I have a few more SPD decor pieces, but they're all packed away somewhere in the box maze that is my garage! At least I can prepare better for next year, and start collecting things early!

Mud Pie dishtowel wrack 

Swoozie's Moss Initial 

Flag from Luella Floral & Farm 

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  1. Loving the fun! All you need is a big bouquet of the Belles of Ireland to complete the festivities!


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