Springtime Sweets | Italian Lemon Pound Cake

Spring, where'd ya go? 

It was beautiful last week--warm and sunny almost every day. Yesterday we saw temps in the upper 40's with a steady drizzle. Probably the perfect daylight savings time kind of weather, which allowed for like, three naps throughout the cloudy afternoon. 

This week is going to be busy with all of the St. Patrick's festivities coming up, but I'm looking forward to it, especially after a really great first week at my new job. But of course last Sunday, I had a few little butterflies in my tummy with those "night before nerves."

Baking is quite a good stress reliever for me, and is something I really haven't done a lot of in the last year or so, as I didn't consistently have people who would help me eat the creations! But last Sunday we were heading to a small dinner party, and CJM was working all afternoon, so I browsed through Pinterest for a springy dessert to bake that would compliment an Italian/seafood meal.

This Italian Lemon Pound Cake was a breeze to mix up, baked perfectly, and tasted delicious. It was definitely one of those things that gets better as the days go on, so I'd recommend this as a "make ahead" recipe! Its a dense yet moist cake, with the most amazing tart and tangy icing. Also, the pinch of ginger added in really takes the cake! I may be whipping this one up again for Easter...try it, and let me know what you think.

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