Wedding Wednesday: Monogram Me

One of the things I look forward to most about getting married, besides seeing each other everyday and creating a life together, is FINALLY being able to monogram something. Anything! I have not purchased a monogrammed item in over four years. I guess I could have been monogramming contentedly throughout the years, but I knew he was the one from like a month in, and it just seemed like a waste of money to monogram things that would be "old" after getting married.

My wonderful bridesmaids have been on the lookout for all the marvelous "M" things they can find, so we can decorate the wedding and our home with the main initial. But I can't wait to monogram things for just me, with my new monogram: pMd! I of course adhere to the "no married monograms prior to marriage" rule to a T {or an M}, so I can't wait to go all out starting in May. My sweet beau did buy me my first monogrammed piece of jewelry for our 'date-iversary,' a perfectly petite 'M' Kate Spade necklace! Luckily it says "one in a million" on the back, so I just wear it reversed for now, with the 'M' close to my heart until April 30.

These are few of the personal monogram items I cannot wait to get once I'm an old married woman:

Gigi New York leather purse with gold embossed initials
like this  one

Gold Monogram Filigree Necklace

Monogram Stackable Ring Set from Marley Lilly

I'm obsessed with this large acrylic monogram
necklace from Baublebar that looks like marble. Like,
must have immediately. 

A classic pinky signet ring

A new monogram decal for my car like this Georgia Southern one!