V-day His Way

Gift giving is my number one love language. As much as I love to receive pretty presents, I get so excited about the hunt of the right thing to give to someone I love. I may put a lot of undue pressure on myself during the holidays to get the right thing for my special someone, but this Valentine's Day, I knew well in advance what might work!

My fiance loves a vest. He also loves shorts, even in the winter. I think I see a theme developing here...anyways. I really love this Southern Proper All Prep Vest in cream. It's fuzzy warm, with a patriotic plaid pocket, but the best part is that its REVERSIBLE! Watches seem to be trending more among the man-set as of late, and this personalized carbon fiber watch box would be a big hit with the man who likes to be punctual--or just likes to wear a watch. 

The Yeti Rambler was super hard to find during Christmas, and will continue to be a popular gift for Valentines Day. I've even seen a few local places that will do engraving! These cups of course keep your ice cold, but rumor has it that they don't sweat, either. This is definitely the more affordable Yeti gift. 

I'm really picky about men's fragrance. I really just like the way soap and/or laundry detergent smells on a guy. But this Avon Luck for Men is amazing--clean, but manly, and my man loves it! He's gone through two bottles in the past year. Oh and P.S. you can buy it directly from me through my Avon Representative site {linked below}. 
Happy shopping!

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