Bar Cart: Easy G&T

I'm a gin girl. I'm also a Natty girl, but don't get me started on that. The best way to start, and end in my opinion, a night on the town is with a gin and tonic with an extra lime or three. It's somewhat of a grandma drink {or so I've been told} for the resident grandma, me.

I don't drink at home too regularly mainly because I live alone right now, and that seems weird. Especially since I have clearly skipped over from "wine+Scandal" to something a little more, potent. But when I do want a G&T, I run into a few issues. One, who keeps tonic on hand? Two, tonic water has a ton of sugar per serving that I don't want!  And three, the lime issue. Not a regular item on my shopping list, which for me is key in the G&T.

A few years ago, the beau and I discovered Dasani Sparkling at Sam's Club. There were only two flavors, lime and mixed berry, and we devoured dozens of cans over Christmas break. Then they disappeared. Apparently, we were apart of the trial run that led to the full line in grocery stores. Thank goodness! We are addicted, and buy up almost every case of lime and mixed berry we find in the grocery stores now.

Lacking an abundance of tonic and limes led to me trying some gin with lime flavored sparkling water. Yum! And super convenient in my world. To sweeten it up just a bit, I'll add a dash of lime juice to the mixture. Easy and 'healthier' in the world of elaborate and sugary cocktails.

I love using my great grandmother's vintage glasses for cocktails!

Cheers, and Happy Weekend to you, my friend!

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  1. You make bar carts even more classy :)

    1. Thank you ;) It's all that Natty Light in me I suppose.


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