Why Series Vol. 1

Why Blog? I started this blog in April of 2013. I was ending my college career and had just gotten engaged. There was a lot going on in my life, and a lot of upcoming changes. My mother suggested I start blogging again after a somewhat failed attempt during my freshman year. I would have more time for it now with no homework or group projects to take up my evenings.

It started out as a way to document my projects as I worked to make my first apartment my home. Followed me as I got my first baby dog, Layla Claire, and how she grew over the first year. A place to share all the fun I had when visiting my fiance in Savannah once a month or so.

It became a place of release. To share a little bit of the heartache I had been experiencing. I don't consider it a facade, but the happy posts inspired me like I hoped they inspired you. Sometimes it's nice to see a bright pop of pink on your normally negative Facebook timeline. I hope I've provided a little bit of sunshine and inspiration on your gloomy days.

Fast forward to a big move, and creating a new life in a town that I love. This blog is a diary for me of sorts. I've never been good at keeping a diary, which is why I doubt I'll ever be able to post every day. As much as I crave routines and habits, writing daily is just not one that has stuck with me. Creativity for me comes in spurts.

The blog is a way to chronicle my wants and needs, and the parts of me that change. Now, it's becoming a keepsake of wonderful wedding memories. I have great plans to make a true wedding scrapbook, but I know how great plans go. So this will do for now.

Why Starting Out Southern? When I started the blog, I was truly starting out. Starting my adult life, starting my engagement, and starting to be a true individual. Southern, because I love the South and my heritage, and I never want to leave the warm confines of the Southeast. Because there is something different about the people and places here, about the way of life, the food, the music. The way I feel more alive every single time I cross that South Carolina border.

There is something fresh that hits me every time I sit down to write, or go back and read my old posts. I think the idea of starting something, whether it be beginning a new project, relationship, or hobby, keeps me inspired and renewed. Everyday is an opportunity to start something new, even if some days it's just starting a new show on Netflix.

I need to work on being more confident and proud of this little blog. I so appreciate the supportive comments that sometimes come from the most surprising people, letting me know how often they read and how much they enjoy it. It's exciting to watch that little "post viewed" number creep up and up as the months go by. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. And maybe someday I'll get up to writing every day, but for now, this is for me, and for me to share with my friends. And I love it.

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