Sweet Pink Baby Shower

A few weeks ago, we had a baby shower for a co-worker in our board room. She's due in just a month, and it was so fun to celebrate together. While my job was really to just take the pictures {something I never mind!}, I really learned a lot about baby showers. My friends haven't quite hit that stage of life yet...we're all still getting married for the most part. I had no idea there were so many baby things you need; I've always just been excited about the cute clothes and bows and things! Clearly shows where my mind is when it comes to babies!

The shower featured a four tier diaper cake as the centerpiece that had little supplies like pacifiers and rash cream wrapped around it. The neatest surprise was the box of baby wipes hidden in the middle of the layers that was revealed by lifting off the top half of the cake! We added some pink camellias in a crystal bowl from the front yard for an additional touch of decor to the room. 

One of the hosts made the cutest shower favors: single serving popcorn packages labeled with "She's about to POP!" and mini pink bottles and pacifiers glued to the front. Such a cute idea if I plan a baby shower in the future. 

We had a delicious lunch of shrimp and grits, chicken casserole, bacon wrapped green beans, and of course a pink cheesecake from local caterer Honey Catering. It was all amazing! The pink cheesecake wasn't strawberry flavored like it looked, which I had to keep reminding myself with every single bite. But it sure was yummy: very creamy, with the perfect handmade graham cracker crust. 

One of the cutest gifts received was a Christmas tree made from alphabet blocks. The bottom layer spelled out the sweet baby's name, and it was decorated with little Christmas trinkets on each level. I've never seen such a precious and thoughtful handmade gift like that before! 

 Babies in the springtime are just so exciting!

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