Why Series Vol. 2

Why Statesboro? I still remember my first visit to Statesboro. I came in the spring for a Georgia Southern Open House mid-way through my high school career. It was a warm, April morning, with azaleas in full bloom and smiles on everyone's faces. The campus was gorgeous, and I fell in love.

My mother was determined to let me know just how hot it could get in South Georgia. So we headed back south in August that year, planning on being engulfed in oppressive humidity. To her disbelief, it was sunny and 75 that week. While it may have been a fluke, I've learned to love the heat {and how to make my hair cooperate} after too many snowy North Georgia winters.

Statesboro is a small town with a large college in it. Growing up in Clemson, I loved the energy the school infused into the local community. There are so many perks about living in a college town, besides Saturday football games and cheap drink prices at the bar. We may not have a Target, a well-known grocery store, or a Red Lobster, but we have fantastic local boutiques, some of the best food I've ever eaten at locally owned establishments, and some of the funnest and happiest people I've ever met.

I've lived a lot of places. I've seen all kinds of communities, but Statesboro is my favorite. It's one of the only places I've ever lived that I've felt 100% accepted, and not at all like I'm "not from here." It's somewhere I want to start a family--where I can take the Littles to First Friday Downtown each month before heading over to a football game on Saturday. Where I could possibly walk across the street to their preschool and visit during lunch. It's where I have life-long friends, and where I think Christopher and I can make so many "couple friends." It's a place where I have thrived emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Statesboro is home to yellow school buses, beautiful Eagle Creek, the prettiest little stadium and greatest university in America. It's where Cole Swindell got his start, as well as a dozen other well known artists, athletes, etc. It's the place that gives you those "Statesboro Blues" any time you drive through or reminisce about your college days. It's the place where the community has come together to progress to the top 15 of the America's Best Communities competition out of over 400 community applications.

It's the place that has made the most difference in my life...made me who I am...and where I can make a difference, too. That's why I love Statesboro.