Being a Bride: Emily

Emily is a sorority sister of mine, one of my closest friends, and will also be singing in my wedding!

Bride Name: Emily Pacitti Hollis
Groom Name: Carter Hollis
Wedding Date: September 4th, 2015
Total number in wedding party: 12
Total guests: 60
Venue: Rose Hall in Dallas, GA

How you met, and the proposal: Carter and I met during our time in college at Georgia Southern University. A mutual friend had been trying to get us to meet for quite some time but we both kept refusing to go on a blind date. After some time we both gave in to the idea of meeting. It was then we realized we had unknowingly met weeks prior and had been starting to talk and get to know each other.

We gradually started attending social events together and spending more time with one another. From then on we couldnt deny the chemistry and the fact that we were always meant to meet.  Nearly two and a half years later, while hiking in the mountains at his parents cabin, we came to a waterfall in the woods.  He got down on on knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. At the time I didn't realize what he was doing and thought he had slipped on the wet rocks. It wasn't until I saw the ring that I stopped trying to help him back up. I imagine that will be a funny story we can tell our kids one day.

What was the best bridal shower and/or pre-wedding event you attended, and why? I really enjoyed going to my dress fittings with my mom and sisters. It was such a special and emotional experience I will only have once in a lifetime.

What was something your bridesmaids or family members did for you that made your day or pre-planning experience special?  My mom and bridesmaids made the morning of my wedding so relaxing and special. When I woke up my mom had a beautiful breakfast with fruit bouquet waiting for me my bridesmaids and the ladies doing our makeup and hair. It was so relaxing and fun like we were all having a big slumber party. It was just reminding me of how special it was growing up in a house full of girls. I gave me a chance to reminisce about my past while preparing for my future.

What was the best wedding gift you received? We wouldn't have survived this long without our crock-pot. {Pipers Note: I gave her that crock-pot, and was very concerned that it didnt arrive due to Targets lack of wedding registry related communication!}

What inspired your wedding day (theme/look/feel): We wanted our wedding to be very low key and low stress. One of the most important things to me was for everyone involved to feel a warm welcome like they were enjoying time with family. The theme was "simplistic elegance." I feel this idea came off very well, mixing elements of sparkle and glamour with touches of rustic elegance.

What is something you couldnt live without for your wedding day (ex.: a certain band, a specific cake, etc.): I could not  have done without my childhood pastor officiating our wedding. He was such a huge part of me growing in my faith with the Lord from a young age. I feel his presence on my wedding day represented a healthy faith based start to our marriage. His words were so meaningful to Carter and me.

What is something you could have lived without for your wedding day: I truly loved everything so much but if there is one thing I wish I could have changed, it would be adding a runner to the aisle I walked down. Not having a runner outdoors caused very big problems for my long veil and overall walk down the aisle.

If you have any wedding décor DIY tips/tutorials, or money saving suggestions, please share: Make your own programs! It is so worth it and was such a big money saver. I downloaded a template from Etsy that was only $8. The programs in total with all the supplies cost about $100, instead of the original ones which would have been over $200.

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