Groundhog Day

It's Groundhog Day! For some reason, years ago, my family decided that Groundhog Day is my favorite holiday. It's not, but now a lot of people seem to have believed them. I woke up this morning to many texts wishing me a happy Groundhog Day, and the Facebook posts have already started to roll in.

Confession: I don't even really like the Groundhog Day movie all that much!

Luckily, this year both Beauregard and Phil did not see their shadows, so spring is coming early!

Here are two things that I remember from Pre-K Groundhog Day celebrations {shout out to Fort Hill Pres in Clemson, SC!}:


Groundhog craft via Preschool Alphabet

Since the groundhogs are looking ahead today, here are two things I'm looking forward to as well:

1. The new spring Lilly Pulitzer collection coming out next Thursday, February 11.

2. Going home to see my family this weekend! 

P.S. Is it Friday yet?

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