The MOH That Knows: Allison

A complement to my "Being a Bride" series, I've worked with my own Maid of Honor to craft questions for "The MOH That Knows" which features tips and tricks to make the MOH role a piece of {wedding} cake! The first MOH featured is Allison, a new blogger buddy of mine!

Name: Allison Ellzey

Bride & Groom: Chad + Rebecca

Wedding Date: July 2015
Wedding Location: Jackson, MS
Number in Bridal Party: 7

 How did you meet the bride and groom? I went to college with both of them and was actually there when they met on Spring Break! Rebecca and I lived together my Senior year of college.
How did the bride ask you to be her MOH? I basically knew I was going to be the MOH already--so her asking me was really just a formality! I had a box of goodies with a little popper, a mini bottle of wine and nail polish!

What about the dress?  I went with Rebecca to pick out the bridesmaids dresses as did another bridesmaid. It was important to her to have the dresses be flattering on all body types. I’m super short, another bridesmaid was really tall, the other, just had a baby! The dresses were purchased from David’s Bridal; we tried on about 3-4 and then went with the best one. I know she valued my opinon (and believe me, I gave it to her!).

Pre-wedding Events: I coordinated the Bachelorette Party. I wrote an entire post on it here.  The event's theme was gold, and pink and navy! I bought and made some of the decor; I worked at a catering company so I got some of the food for cheap and I ordered most of the decor off of Etsy.

Budgeting to be the MOH: Budget close to $500 to be on the safe side {Allison estimated she spent about $750, including the dress, gift, bachelorette, transportation, and the wedding--over a year’s long engagement.}. I like to go overboard. But your dress will cost about $200, a hotel room for the wedding about $100+ and then there’s the bachelorette party. If you’re doing it yourself (or have bridesmaids who don’t want to pay) you’ll be footing the bill yourself.

Being the Best: I was there for the bride for EVERY monotonous and minute question she had. I listened to her family drama, helped her pick which gray looked better, etc. Like I’ve mentioned before, I have a strong opinion on most things, and I’m not afraid to be honest. I was honored to be the MOH. That meant that she trusted me to handle most issues when it came to planning a wedding.

Allison is a blogger buddy I stumbled upon through another blogging friend {Hi, Megan!} on Twitter. She's also a Phi Mu! She wrote a post that included a bunch of tips that I hope you'll check out:

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