Weekend Recap: Sweets, Savannah, and Sundays

As we're almost two months out from the wedding, I've been really tying to enjoy these last three unscheduled weekends. Downtime is crucial to me as a secret introvert--I need lots of time daily and each weekend to recharge and be able to tolerate the masses {it's true!}. Coupled with the fact that February is super busy work-wise for me with a major event every week, I've been intentional about taking time on the weekends to relax, enjoy some good food, and have fun.

This weekend was no exception. Friday was probably one of the most important work events of the year, and I was ready to kick off my heals as soon as I got home. I tried sleeping in as much as possible on Saturday, but little Layla Claire started pawing at my face at 9 a.m. Since Christopher is pretty much done with being in Savannah for school and is back home during the week, we had planned a day trip to Savannah to get the last of his things from his apartment, wander the mall, and do a run through at Lucky's Market. It's so exciting to start looking at bachelorette and honeymoon swim suits!

Saturday evening we headed down to City Market to eat at Sorry Charlie's. I had never been before, but Christopher had, and it did not disappoint. I absolutely love raw oysters, and after a late lunch, that was all I wanted. Everything we tried was really yummy...Mahi Tacos, Low Country Boil, and piping hot hush puppies.

After dinner we wandered into Christopher's favorite bar, Social, for some darts and a round of pool before heading back to Statesboro. Sunday is always a lazy day for me, but we were actually somewhat productive, putting together a Christmas gift and a wedding gift yesterday afternoon. First up: the table top s'mores maker I got for Christmas. I love s'mores. They're my favorite. But I don't always have a campfire to hang around when I want dessert. 

I think my grandmother was a little surprised when I said that was what I wanted for Christmas, but I thought it would be fun for get together's and things. It was really easy to put together, and even though someone said "It's just like holding a marshmallow on a fork over the stove eye!" it was really fun. I loved how cute everything looked sectioned off in the tray. Although I couldn't get it as crispy and black as I normally like my marshmallows, they were a yummy Sunday afternoon treat!

Last Tuesday, a surprising package arrived on my patio: a grill! Yes, a grill! From the wonderful family who is lending me all of their littles for the wedding. They surprised us big time by sending us an amazing grill, just in time for warm weather. Although we're waiting to use our wedding gifts until after we're married and living together, Kim said we could open just this one. So we did! I helped a little, but I am so proud to be marrying such a handy man who put the grill together in record time. We cooked Sunday dinner on it, too: seared Ahi Tuna and roasted brussel sprouts with a balsamic glaze. Yum!  


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  1. Christopher has to grill me some food when I visit!

    1. He'd love that. And we talked about the secret room too ;) He showed me the key!


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