Elton John Date Night

For Christopher's birthday, I wanted to get him something fun and different. But I had to be sneaky. So I decided to do gifts-inside-a-gift, my favorite method of gift giving only reviled by the tower-of-gifts I so love. So I got him a Marley Lilly overnight bag for his travels to see me {with his new monogram--he's changing his last name to his grandfather's, which will be finalized within the next month}. After looking in the bag to find homemade pumpkin muffins, and a new shirt, he found two tickets to see Elton John in Atlanta on Nov. 16! Woohoo! 

     Friday night we had Mexican Cornbread Casserole, and and Ice Cream Sandwich Cake. Yum--this is so good, especially if you love ice cream and cake! Best of both worlds. We went to Atlanta Saturday afternoon and ate at Ted's Montana Grill which neither of us had ever been to. It was amazing! I wish bison was more readily available because it was delicious.
    We then wandered over to Phillips Arena for the concert, and although we didn't have the greatest seats, you could see the sequins from a mile away! The concert was wonderful, music was great, and it was so neat to learn that two of the band members have been with EJ since he started. 2Cellos opened for the band, and played with them throughout the night, which was a great surprise. I had no idea they were going to be there and Christopher loves them!
     It was a really great night, and it was so nice to do something different like this. I'm not usually a big concert person, but EJ was a great performer, and we both truly enjoyed the evening. Check it out!

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