This is My Grown Up Christmas List

Attention! Attention! It has arrived--My Christmas List. I'm sorry, but there is truly no time to develop a Christmas Power Point this year, so a blog post will have to suffice. It's really become quite difficult to develop a Christmas list these days. Thanks to Pinterest, I find things all the time that I would want, but then forget about it until its too late (Bauble Bar Opal Teardrops...) so these are just big things that I could remember.
Last year, I somehow had two black peacoats (one was found
in my car, I have no idea whose it was), and this year I am
down to none. It's cold ya'll. And this one is on sale today
for $35, regularly $65, and there is a 30% off code to use too!
***Update: went ahead and purchased this (Thanks, Mother!) using the 
30% off code--totaled at $33 after code and shipping costs. Go! Now!***

I love the Mother of Pearl in the Sincerity ring ($55), 
paired with the pink band ($35). I am a size 7 in rings
(showroom size), so I love getting rings because they
pretty much always fit perfectly *see engagement ring*! 

After doing some research, this Canon PowerShot seems to deliver 
the best in the word of affordable point and shoot cameras.
I really need a small one to keep in my bag for work, and at $129,
and pink, this one seems like a winner!

Inspired after that pricey J. Crew piece a while back,
this Etsy find is a steal at $25. I love all chunky
chain pieces, and you can't pass up a good sparkle!

Size 8 please. Gold medallion. And
they're 20% off at Nordstrom right now!

Okay, this is my "yeah right" wish. I am dying to have these
beautiful baubles, but they are mighty pricey. Though you
can get 20% using the code: "gift" ...

And if that's not enough inspiration, feel free to check out my Pinterest boards for additional ideas! ;-)

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  1. Noted! I can't believe I haven't shopped at all yet!!!

  2. I'm working on my Christmas List Pinterest Board as we speak! lol I'm not sure what to ask for...

    1. It's so hard some years!! Plus, I'm so picky about clothes, only the mother could really buy me clothes, and others in my family are not fond of gift cards.


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