Happy Birthday, Christopher!

     Happy birthday, doll! Birthday season for the two of us kicks off a reminiscent time of year for our relationship. The first time we ever hung out was on my 20th birthday at the Statesboro Fair. Then, we attended my sorority's formal on his 20th birthday a few weeks later. December 7th marks the day we officially became a couple, and then we are into the Holiday Season, which is always so much fun. I love this time of year, and this man more than anything!
     I couldn't have made it through the last six months without him as I've gone through some of the hardest, most trying times I could have ever imagined. He is always there to listen to me, and hold me when we are together. Even though we are miles and hours apart most days, he always makes me smile. I never imagined that the guy who I wasn't sure totally liked me after like, three months of dating would be the one I would spend my life with, but I am eternally grateful for the surprises he brings to my world daily! Loves you.
     After spending the weekend celebrating Christopher's birthday with presents, fun with friends, and the best pumpkin pie gelato, we are looking forward to a great weekend in Atlanta at the Elton John concert! I can't wait!

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