In Everything, Give Thanks

With such a busy world we live in, it can become difficult to remember to be grateful and the spirit of thanksgiving. So much is continually being thrown our way, cluttering our minds and hearts of what is most important.  

This year, I didn't participate in the traditional Facebook thanksgiving posts throughout the month of November. It's been a difficult year, one that has made
me look forward to December 31 in a way I don't ever remember before, and I am honestly sometimes struggle identifying what I'm thankful for each day. I'm not up for posting about the warm fuzzies I have for my family because I'm just not there this year. Stress of work and the coming busy season sometimes clouds my appreciation for a job. And the physical distance between myself and others that play a crucial role in my life sometimes creates an emotional distance as well that I'm definitely not thankful for. 

So today, I reflect. I give thanks. I'm not thankful for the hard times, the stress, or the distance, but I am thankful for the lessons learned and that are being learned through it all. I pray every day that this season will pass, but I am thankful for the One who hears my prayers. And I am thankful for the support of the special people who have held me up when I could not do so myself over the past few months. 

In everything, give thanks. 

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  1. Piper, you and your mom have really been on my heart lately. I know the feeling of hoping to just make it to the end of the year and how hard this season of thanksgiving and blessings can be. I will keep you close to my heart and know that I am praying for you sweet Piper!

  2. You know... I love this blog post...I do. I love and appreciate your transparency. I think one reason I don't blog very much anymore was the pressure(?)...or whatever it is that I felt because the bloggers I read appeared to have it all together all the time. Beautiful homes, perfect families, perfect marriages, awesome recipes...and honestly, I felt inferior. Its refreshing to read a post that is just "real." Just real. So sorry for your rough year and tough times, but the One who Loves you holds you in the palm of his hand. In your trial and tribulation, will come your ministry to others. You'll see it one day, and be thankful. Its ok if you're not there yet. Thank you for being real.

    1. I totally understand that pressure! It's everywhere--Facebook, Instagram, etc. Sometimes I just get tired of people "looking at me," but realize I also put it all out there to be seen. I'm also not the type of person to hide it all and keep it covered up. It's an interesting place to be for sure. Thank you for the encouragement! xx


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