Grown Up Girly Christmas List

 As per usual, the Christmas list requests have begun {thanks, Kim}. Official request was made August 1. So I've a little time to think about this, and kind of narrow down a few items. The fam usually likes my list in September, so I'd like an award this year for having it in on time, thankyouverymuch. Also, thankyouverymuch doesn't get a red squiggly line underneath it on my computer, which may be a sign of too much sass.

Anyways. You may recognize an item or two from previous gift lists on the blog. They're still at the top of my list, and my love has grown even stronger! Some things are for play and some things are for serious, but all are things I'd love to have. I probably need to come up with a "newlywed Christmas list" too, of couple-y gifts, but this ones is all about me, especially since my 25th birthday is just a few weeks away!

Gold Citizens Mother of Pearl Watch | "Nifty Fifty" Canon 50 mm Camera Lens | Pink Tassel Earrings | Gold Dog Ornaments {Golden Retriever for Samantha, and Maltese for Layla Claire, please!} | Diamond & Pearl Stud Earrings | Lumee Phone Case | Will & Grace Boxed Set Series | Acrylic Marble Pattern Monogram Necklace XL | Karen Walker Sunnies | Gold & White Quatrefoil Curtains {6 panels}

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  1. Great choices!! I especially love the Karen Walker sunnies! You've got my brain going, I had not even thought about Christmas yet!!

    1. It's getting closer! I've actually already started doing some of my shopping for friends and family, too! xoxo

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