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I didn't sleep well again last night. Most people who know me know that I sleep like a rock, and can fall asleep at any place and any time. But it's been about three or four weeks of consistently poor sleep, and for someone who needs 8+ hours uninterrupted, I'm starting to feel burnt out. Coupled with trying to readjust medication, settling into another new routine with the husband who is working full time out of town on a funny schedule, and maintaining my blog, home and social life, I'm just drained!

I was chatting with a friend this morning about health and goals, and it's really easy for me to identify that the wedding was definitely a health goal. After indulging on our honeymoon, I never really got back on track. When I woke up {so late, and so rushed} this morning, I just got fed up with feeling this way. The inspiration and encouragement from friends does matter, and does work. Just two brief conversations today have inspired me to pull out that favorite workouts blog post from pre-wedding days and get to work tonight!

I also think having solid goals helps too. Whether it's fitting in a dress, or being able to run a race--whatever it is, it's something to work towards. I didn't really have a specific goal in mind this summer. I was 'tired' of having a huge goal. But setting goals and making lists and solid steps to reach them helps keep me focused in all areas of my life. So today I'm setting new goals, and making plans! Let's make changes today, together!

What goals do you have, and what keeps you motivated to maintain your lifestyle? Also, read this blog post that I read this morning, that gave me a boost!

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