Mugs & Movies Review | Bridget Jones's Baby

On Tuesdays, our local movie theater offers $5 "Stimulus Tuesday" ticket prices, with a discount on food and drinks, too. How I've only just discovered this, I'm not sure. I'm not really a big movie-goer, but when there is a discount involved, I'm game.

One of my favorite movies is Bridget Jones's Diary, so when I saw the preview for the third installment in the series, Bridget Jones's Baby, I was so excited! The bestie and I decided to head over to the theater this past Tuesday to watch it at a discounted price. But the best part? It was in Mugs & Movies, which is a special screening room inside the theater that serves adult beverages and legit food! Plus, they have way comfier chairs, and unlimited popcorn. I'm down for that any day of the week! 

While the food wasn't anything to write home about, the atmosphere was fun, and the movie was soooo cute. It was kind of long, but I didn't notice a bit from laughing the entire time. Go see it this weekend, it's great for a girls night out!

Happy Friday!

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