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For our wedding day, we included two very important "littles" in our lives as our ring bearer and flower girl. The little ones in weddings are always my favorite part: I love the tiny versions of the outfits they wear! Both of our young attendants took their jobs very seriously throughout the day, with our ring bearer Jax cutting loose at the reception by dancing with all of the girls!

He is what I like to refer to as my "little boyfriend," and was very sad to let me get married. One of my favorite surprises of the wedding weekend was the set of rules he wrote for Christopher to follow, which Jax's mom Kim read during the rehearsal dinner. I keep the framed list on top of my jewelry chest in our bedroom for easy reference should Christopher need a little reminder now and then!

10 Rules for Marrying My Piper
written on April 7, 2015 by Jax
1. Smooch
2. Be kind
3. No food fights
4. Wear deodorant or else you'll be stinky on your armpits
5. Take care of my Piper
6. Protect my Piper from danger

7. If the power goes out, make my Piper a fire and get flashlights out and lanterns and sleep with her
8. Lots of hugs
9. Give her flowers
10. Wash her hair and body when she needs help
And most importantly, love my Piper as much as I do, forever.
Jax :)

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